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Making Waves

Making Waves Quartet
Tenor - Diane Ivins
Bari - Virginia Sivils
Lead - Susan Dolson
Bass - Robin Blythe

Making Waves usually means "getting in a pile of trouble". That may or may not apply to this quartet, because the mother of the mother/daughter duo usually has everything under control. But then again, sometimes she is the instigator!

Virginia is the baritone and Susan is the lead of the mother/daughter; you will have to figure out who is who! They both live in Virginia Beach, VA, which makes for long-distance rehearsals with her fellow Frederick area members.

Diane is the tenor and one of two tenors in the Clustered Spires chorus so she is really missed when she is unavailable.

Robin is the bass and the Director of the Clustered Spires chorus. She has directed a chorus in Japan--yes, the country--and choruses in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Rehearsals for Making Waves are usually on long weekends either in Virginia Beach, the Frederick area, or a hotel far, far away from the maddening crowd. Often, there is more talking than singing, but above all there is loads of fun. And friendship, which is what we highly cherish.

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